Linkedin marketing

LinkedIn Marketing That Works Wonders

The steady growth of LinkedIn since 2013 is remarkable. LinkedIn has gone through many major changes and has come a long way to become the number professional network in the industry. For any digital marketing company in Oklahoma, LinkedIn is a great platform to spread awareness and generate revenue for their clients. If you are […]

youtube search

How To Optimize Videos For YouTube Search

Nowadays, we want a visual for everything. Reading? Psh. Just go to YouTube! Virtually everything is on YouTube, from news on the latest medical research to the lowest forms of mindless entertainment. YouTube videos, just like websites, also need search engine optimization (SEO) to draw viewers. Here are a few pointers to boost your views […]


The Art of Retargeting for Business Growth

Retargeting can be useful for those who are trying to turn window shopping into purchases. Countless Oklahoma companies are using retargeting for increased sales. Survey data shows that only two percent of the visitors to an e-commerce website end up buying anything. What of the remaining 98%? With retargeting, this potential can be tapped. Any […]


Ten Rules That Makes An Infographic Cool, Effective, and Viral

Infographic is a vital part of online marketing. Whether you are a small or large business, an effective and viral infographic is great for generating a lot of traffic for your site. However, it is essential to make it not only attractive but also informative at the same time in order to attract your viewers. […]


FAQ’s for SEO

For more than a decade, search engine optimization (SEO) has been a staple of marketing in the digital age. As in any new industry, there are many challenges that SEO still faces – uncertainty is one of the biggest. For this reason, many business owners are not sure if they should be doing SEO or […]


Using Customer Reviews to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

Customer Reviews is a vital part in this age of information. From esoteric data to trending videos, virtually every morsel of human knowledge is just a click or a tap away, almost anywhere we go. However, as access to information grows, our ability to trust what we read wanes. The Trust Barometer of 2017 has […]

geo-targeting campaigns

Boost Your ROI with Geo-Targeting

Geo-targeting might not yet be a household term, but it has tremendous potential to increase your return on investment in marketing. Both global and local e-commerce businesses can benefit from smart geo-targeting. As the interaction between search engines and users becomes more complex, involving location, travel habits, and interest, geo-targeting has become an essential strategy […]

LinkedIn Marketing

The Reasons To Prioritize Local Marketing

Local marketing matters a lot for small and large businesses these days. It helps to drive local awareness and sales. There are several benefits of local marketing like greater customer application, better expression, improved loyalty and more. Over 57% of national marketers found local marketing as an essential factor for the steady growth of their […]

mobile marketing

Mobile Marketing for Small Businesses – What You Need to Know

Smartphones have changed the game in marketing. It’s not about billboards, TV ads, or radio spots; it’s about being right in front of your audience when they are looking for you, wherever they are. For this reason, it’s important to be careful about how you present yourself and your company online. Mobile marketing done right […]

local SEO in Oklahoma

How 6 Business Types in Oklahoma could Gain from Local SEO?

Given the tough competition in the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, to gain better visibility in the local market, the companies in Oklahoma are resorting to develop local SEO strategies. Let us venture deeper into the enigmatic world of how the strategies for local SEO in Oklahoma are helping out the below-mentioned 6 […]