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Chart shows number per 1,000 users who click on a link from the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th-10th pages in Google search results. Source: Chitika

Let's Make the Web

Work for You!

Internet Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

The internet is awesome.

But with so many ways to market your business online, there’s just as much competition. To get the recognition from major search engines that your business deserves, you need a website that’s optimized for search performance.
Let’s make the web work for you.

SEO Search Performance

Search Engine Optimization

Skybound Digital specializes in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for businesses. As a form of online marketing, SEO improves a website’s rank in search engine results and organic traffic over time. We will make it easier for your potential customers to find you online.

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SEO Web Development

Web Design + Development

Good websites get traffic. Great websites get business. If your business website is still just another online brochure, we will bring it up to date during your SEO campaign. This will turn your website into a search optimized, lead generating machine.


Simple, Affordable

per month, per keyword phrase

Most digital marketing agencies charge thousands a month for SEO, so we’re proud to offer pricing that gives you the choice to scale your SEO to meet your web marketing budget and promotional needs.

With at least three keyword phrase selections per campaign, we optimize for 10 to 15 variations of each keyword phrase you choose, including long-tail phrases with product-, service- or location-specific words.

Web Application

Hands-On Client Portal

At Skybound Digital, our whole business is about being #1. In that spirit, we’ve decided there are already too many SEO companies doing things the same old way and we wanted to be different.

We offer our clients a new way to optimize their sites, with a self-service web application. Our portal shows live keyword ranks as well as historical data. Clients can manage billing, select their preferred keywords, receive updates, and tune their campaign to meet their budgeting and marketing expectations.

Forget waiting on other agencies to report results or get back to you; get hands-on control of your online marketing with Skybound Digital.

Case Studies

Some of Our Results

KnowBagz is a manufacturer of weight-marked vacuum seal packaging bags.

Puppy Paws is a premium dog grooming, training, and boarding company.

Redhaven is a provider of home-based assisted living residences for seniors.