7 White Hat SEO Techniques To Double Traffic In 2017

WhiteHat SEO Techniques

SEO comprises a number of techniques, some of which are considered unfair or dishonest while others accurately and honestly represent a website’s content. The unfair are called black hat techniques. Sometimes they give a short-run boost to rankings and views, but often at the expense of search engine penalties and low quality traffic.

The fair and authentic means of digital marketing are known as white hat techniques. They are some of the best means of promoting your business due to their long-term sustainability and success. White hat SEO techniques are the perfect means of managing your traffic and ensuring your business thrives.

Mobile First Promotion

Focusing on mobile promotion ensures that your business will have a larger reach to the relevant audience. The mobile search and local searches are intricately linked. E-commerce websites in particular benefit from such promotions. Mobile application development is an intricate part of the digital promotion through mobile, but never underestimate the power of making a desktop website mobile friendly. Keep tabs on Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to ensure a higher rate of traffic to your website.

Refine the User Experience

Are your visitors, users, and customers satisfied with the interface on your website or app? Are they facing any trouble while navigating, signing up, or making a purchase? These are some of the factors to be noted during any good digital marketing campaign. You can run a series of surveys and A/B test experiments and find out what is working with them; what they are looking for; and what the users of the website do not want to see. When your website and whatever you promote satisfies the needs of the users, they can make the most of the information you provide and even recommend your website to others. That in turn increases the traffic to your website.

Keyword Research

Though it is one of the most basic and simplest forms of digital marketing, keyword research still holds much importance. Rankbrain is a perfect tool for this. New types of keyword tools create parent groups and keyword groups to help you make the most effective use of target and complementary keywords in your content.

Unique but better content marketing plan

Have a proper content marketing plan that you need to work with to make sure you get better traffic. Content marketing is essential to create an impact and win traffic. If your strategy is unique, you stand to best your copycat competitors. The planning hence should be done with care and caution.

Use Schema

Schema is a collection of HTML tags that can be easily added to a webpage. Structured data markups give a competitive edge to your website in search results, while microdata boosts click-through rate, driving more traffic.

Link Building

You can easily get more traffic though the white hat SEO link building. Beware: buying backlinks can be very dangerous and often falls in the black hat category. White hat linking building involves contacting domain owners and requesting a link from their sites and content to yours. This kind of technique is perfect to gain traffic through relevant links.

Image Search

Image search and links can also help you get more traffic to your website. Alt tagged images add crawlable content to your page in addition to improving the user experience. They can also get traffic through image search results.

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