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How 6 Business Types in Oklahoma could Gain from Local SEO?

Given the tough competition in the world of SEO or Search Engine Optimization, to gain better visibility in the local market, the companies in Oklahoma are resorting to develop local SEO strategies. Let us venture deeper into the enigmatic world of how the strategies for local SEO in Oklahoma are helping out the below-mentioned 6 […]

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Top 5 Industries With Highest ROI From Digital Marketing in Edmond

In this computer driven world where everyone relies on smart phones to make calls and receive information all thanks to the mobile data packs, several industries are reaping the benefits of this onslaught. The top 5 industries are discussed below: Law This might come as a surprise but the law industry is killing it as […]


Trends Shaping The Future Of Local SEO

Recent trends suggest the future of local SEO will prove interesting. Here are the top 7 trends digital marketers should keep an eye on: Video Content Even now, there is no substitute for written content from a search engine crawler’s point of view. Multi-media content like images, infographics and videos act as peripheral additions. However, […]


How To Do Local SEO For Multi-Location Clients

As Google strives to improve the experience of their users, the challenge for SEO’s rises. Best practices seem to change daily and advanced techniques quickly become obsolete. If you’re not caught up, you’re bound to lose business, and anymore, local SEO is the lifeblood of brick and mortar businesses. When starting a new business for […]


How Local Websites In Edmond Can Get Greater Exposure?

Back in the year 2014, Google made a significant update to its Pigeon algorithm after which optimization for local searches became more important. The significance of local searches rose with the advent of mobile devices and Google is going by the trend. We can observe a sea of change in our searching patterns. Unlike in […]