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Top 8 Reasons Why Your Small Business Should Use Twitter

There are so many reasons why just creating a website is not enough to garner page views and expand your business. Businesses require time and effort to expand, and this process can be expedited if technological skills and tools are utilized properly.   How to Best Use the Internet to Your Advantage The website is […]


Amazing Twitter Stats For 2017

Twitter activity has grown a lot with its monthly active users reaching 313 million. Even though there are a lot of fake users, twitter continues to be a prime place for celebrities and brands. With over 500 million tweets per day, this is a platform which will continue to be popular among the present generation […]


How Twitter Changed the World

140 characters can now make or break your reputation and your identity.You probably know exactly which social media website I’m referring to: Twitter. While you might be running several social media profiles, no other platform can have such an impact in so few words. Twitter’s 300 million users might be just shy of Facebook’s 1.5 […]