GMB Listing: 3 FAQs to Help You Out

It is all about being noticed. The main objective of digital marketing is being noticed in the online platform so that people can learn about you and use your service or buy your products. Digital marketing is not a new idea, but innovation lies in the way it is used. There are several tools which all types of businesses are using; so why do the results vary? The ways to use and maintain these tools are key to making a company visible in the vast web-world.

What is GMB Listing?

A Google My Business Listing is one of the tools that are used by digital marketing professionals to organize and manage the online presence of a business across Google. This includes the search engine and maps. With a GMB Listing, brief information on the business comes up and the customers can get an overview of it.

In regards to the GMB, digital marketing professionals in OKC get several questions from clients. Here are the most frequently asked ones that come to mind.

Can anyone edit the GMB listing of my business?

In one word, the answer is Yes. It might seem pretty unfair, but yes. There is the provision for any random person, including your competitors, to edit the information you have provided. You might not even get a notification about the changes. As it is an effective way to boost your sales, you shouldn’t skip using it. Instead, you should keep an eye on it to know the changes, if any. For accessing notifications, you can log in to the GMB listing and opt for the classic view and follow ‘Review Updates’ in ‘Google Updates’.

Are hashtags required in GMB Listing?

No and it wouldn’t help in your business more, so it is not required. First, you have to understand that a GMB listing is very different from a social media post where hashtags are required to be noticed under the popular banners. You may think that when there is space for 1,500 characters for a GMB listing, a hashtag wouldn’t harm it. But as the digital marketing company in OKC prefers to limit the character from 150 to 300, it is not a good idea to waste the space with a useless hashtag.

How can I remove the reviews on a GMB listing?

The only people that can remove a review is the reviewer themselves and an administrator. If you have received a negative review on your GMB listing, Google will most likely not remove the review. You can go through the review policy of Google for a better idea of how this works. Otherwise, leave the responsibility to the professionals of the digital marketing company in OKC and let them handle itl.

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