Search Engine Optimization

Getting Started

Before getting you started with your own portal account, we would like to discuss your needs and expectations for SEO and online marketing. Your representative will create your portal account and walk you through the process of setting it up and placing your first order for a new SEO campaign.

Setup Analysis

To begin a successful campaign, we first conduct an analysis of your website, web presence and competition. During the analysis, we map your website’s structure and content. We analyze the sources of traffic and existing links. This helps us determine the most effective approach to optimizing your site. To help us more effectively promote each website in light of its competition, we analyze the rankings of your closest competitors, the links they are using, and the keywords for which they are optimized.

Keyword Research

Keywords are the words or phrases your customers would use to find businesses like yours through a web search. Based on our Setup Analysis and our understanding of your business and target audience, we will select ten low-competition keywords with search volume in the minimum range of 10-100 per month. These keywords will be displayed on the “Keywords” tab in your portal along with the ranking of each. There, you will need to select 4 to 10 of the suggested keywords for ranking.

Search Engine Optimization

On-Site Optimization

Website Checkup

Effective SEO begins with a search-friendly site. To bring your site up to Google’s quality standards, we identify broken or low-quality links, error pages, duplicate content, inaccessible pages and any issues related to indexing, redirecting, and loading. We use Google Diagnostics to discover issues that may impact a site’s search performance and proceed to correct any problems found. For accurate monitoring of your website’s search performance, we set up webmaster accounts with Google, Yahoo! and Bing.

Meta Content Optimization

We create or update a ‘robots.txt’ file allowing your website to be crawled by search engines, so they always have an updated picture of your website. We add or improve the ‘meta’ titles and descriptions of each page to appeal to search engines and accurately describe the page content.

Page Content Optimization

The content of your site, such as text and images, is essential for getting results. We optimize existing text content to ensure it contains your keywords in appropriate density; canonicalize duplicate content; and make sure page headers and images are appropriately tagged. We also ensure your site responds to mobile viewing for smartphone users. Any changes that may affect the appearance of your site will require your approval which can be given on the “Updates” tab in your portal account.

Navigation Optimization

We optimize navigation throughout your website by improving its internal link structure and creating search-friendly XML and HTML site maps. We then submit an update to Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

Search Engine Optimization

Off-Site Optimization

Off-Site Content Optimization

We create a blog on your site and off to give the site and its content a bigger footprint on the web; we populate these blogs with articles relevant to your business and industry. We create keyword-optimized press releases, documents, infographics, and slideshows to post as off-site content.

Branding and Backlinking

Your business name, your logo, your mission, your taglines, and even your theme colors make up how the world sees your business. Through social media, content generation, and keyword optimization, we update the web with a consistent picture of your business and its happy customers. However, search algorithms come to know your business by who links to your sites and pages. By selecting relevant, high-quality sites and requesting links to yours, we boost your online authority. We do not buy links.

Listings and Directories

We manually submit your website’s URL to general, popular, premium, and authoritative directories that comply with Google’s quality standards and appeal to your audience. Classified listings through Google, Yahoo! and Bing offer visibility and exclusivity, allowing us to hone in on your target audience. We maintain free and paid classified listings for your website included with your campaign.

Local Search Optimization

We optimize local search results by creating or improving your Google and Bing local listings. We link the listing with your Google+ profile for optimal visibility. This also means your business will appear in relevant Google Maps searches for mobile users. You will receive a PIN card from Google by mail; we need this PIN to verify the business address, which can be entered on the “Updates” tab of your portal account.

Search Engine Optimization

Updates and Reports

Keyword Rankings

Through your portal account, you will be able to see how your website ranks for each of our keyword suggestions, allowing you to make an educated decision on which keywords to rank. You can also view charts that show ranking improvements over time.

Updates and Approvals

To keep you engaged with the SEO process, you will be able to view a checklist of our progress on your campaign. For any changes we recommend that will affect the appearance of your website, you may either approve the change or request a revision.

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